Use of Electronic Devices School Policy

September 2022
Use of Electronic Devices
Although it is not recommended, students are permitted to bring the following electronic items to school: cell phones; and/or portable music and entertainment systems, such as iPods and MP3 players.  The student and/ or parent is responsible for the safety and security of the device and must be aware that facilities are not available to charge said devices in school.

Permitted Use of Electronic Devices
Cell phones, computing devices, and portable music and entertainment systems may be used:
Before 8:00 AM or after 3:35 PM, or anywhere in the building where it will not serve as a distraction to educational activities, including teams, clubs, or other school-sanctioned programs. 

Prohibited Use of Electronic Devices
Cell phones, computing devices, and portable music and entertainment systems may not:
  • Be turned on or used during instructional time, except for instructional and educational purposes with the explicit approval of the teacher; and/or
  • Be turned on or used during the administration of any school quiz, test, or examination, except where such use has been explicitly authorized by the school or is contained in an Individualized Education Program or Section 504 Accommodation Plan; and/or
  • Be in possession of students (including on their person or in a bag) during the school’s bell schedule; and/or
  • Be turned on or used during school fire drills or other emergency preparedness exercises; and/or
  • Be used in bathrooms; and/or
  • Be used during lunch in the cafeteria and/or schoolyard; and/or
  • Be used between classes when in the hallways and stairwells; and/or
  • Be used in violation of any provision of the DOE’s Discipline Code, the school’s policy,  Chancellor’s Regulation A-413, and/or the DOE’s  Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy (“IAUSP”).
Violations for the use of Electronic Devices
Violations of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include:
  • Device Confiscation - Confiscated items will only be returned to the parent/legal guardian following a behavioral conference regarding the violation of the school discipline code; and/or
  • Privilege Revocation – Students may lose the privilege to bring electronic items to school; and/or
  • Additional Disciplinary Measure - following the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses outlined in the DOE Discipline Code.