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Brain Power Wellness

Promoting Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Intelligence

Brain Power Wellness 

Promoting Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Intelligence

Improved Focus & Memory 

Brain Education (BE) utilizes a variety of methods to improve focus and memory:

  • Brain-based physical exercises promote optimal energy and oxygen flow to the brain;
  • Neuroplasticity coordination activities integrate the left and right brain hemispheres;
  • Isometric breathing and visualization training promote alpha brain waves; 
  • Specific memory enhancement strategies empower our students to improve their short and long-term memory, dramatically aiding in comprehension and retention.

Managing Stress and Test Anxiety 

Test anxiety is a chief cause of student underperformance and stress is a prime contributor to educator burnout. Through BE, students and teachers learn simple and effective stress management tools (breathing, mindfulness training, emotional release, etc) to ensure they approach a task with a confident, relaxed, and focused mindset.

Increased Productivity & Learning Efficiency 

Time on task is the number one indicator of student productivity and BE gives students and teachers hundreds of exercises, activities, and strategies to maximize their learning efficiency while cultivating a nurturing and positive leaming environment.

Confidence & Positive Attitude 

Consciously developing self-efficacy - a student's belief that s/he will be successful in a given task - is a huge part of boosting student achievement and overall self-esteem. BE provides proven confidence-building activities that empower students to maximize their academic and social success.

Mindfulness & Movement

Research has shown conclusively that movement is essential to healthy brain development as exercise creates the nerve connections needed for optimal brain functioning. In addition, it helps to circulate blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the brain and stimulates the production of hormones that combat stress and depression. BE provides simple, effective, and fun daily exercises that are seamlessly incorporated into the school day.