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Meet our School Facility Staff

How important it is to preserve a pristine clean school environment
The hunt for the perfect school for one's child comprises numerous factors. The hygiene of your school is an essential factor to consider. 
Everyone must assume responsibility for keeping a safe and clean learning environment. It may be challenging to keep a school clean. Therefore, having a capable group of school facility staff  helps maintain a clean learning environment. We must be diligent about washing their hands and using hand sanitizer. This will safeguard the safety of our staff and students and improve the learning environment in the classroom. The health of our students, staff, and visitors is of their utmost importance.

Thank you for serving as an example. For preparing our school for guests, putting in late hours, constantly saying hello, always being willing to lend a hand, and most importantly, for caring about our students.

Thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of our schools.