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UCS has created the following programmatic pillars to assess inventory of programs and
devised targeted strategies within each of these concentrated areas. Categorizing programs,
events and services within each pillar helps ensure programs are addressing the holistic
needs of students, families, and school communities.
Program Name Description Target Group
Vision Screening and Free Glasses
K - 5th Grade students will receive a free vision exam March 17, 2022.  All students needing eyeglasses will be provided with free Warby Parker glasses.  PS 192 and United Community Schools partner with Hellen Keller International, The Office of Community Schools, and Warby Parker to provide this service.
K - 5th Grades
Operation Warm - Winter Coats PS 192 partnered with Operation Warm and NY Cares to obtain donations of brand new coats for  students. PS 192 and United Community Schools partnered with New York Cares for this service PK - 5th Grades
Zumba Classes Willy Polanco brings a weekly Zumba class for our parents and students.  From December to July 2022, the community and our students will have a one hour zumba session on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm for Adults and Thursdays at 4:00 pm for students. 3K - 5th Grades and PS 192 Community
Tech Talk Families can develop computer literacy skills through a bilingual session on how to use educational technology and have questions answered on hardware, software, and mobile technology 3K - 5th Grades and PS 192 Community
Immigration Clinic Families and students can receive assistance with citizenship, petitions, other immigration and public assistance related matters from ActionNYC and LSA Family health.  Contact Mr. Rosario PS 192 Community and all 5 boroughs
After School Tutoring Grades 3 - 5 can obtain tutoring from a NYCDOE Teacher from 2:30 - 3:30 pm Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 3 - 5th Grades
Positive Learning Collaborative (PLC) School Administrators and Teachers, and Parents receive resources on providing social emotional support to students.  Administrators work with PLC to build a vision for the school community.  Teachers receive coaching and capacity building professional learning on de escalation strategies and conducting restorative circles in the classroom.  Parents receive a monthly session on stress management strategies. 3K - 5th Grades and PS 192 School Community
TutorHub 2 Tutors are assigned to a small group of students to support literacy. 2nd - 3rd Grades
Project Tutor Columbia University Students volunteer their time to support in class literacy and math support to students.  They also provide classroom management support for teachers. 1st - 5th Grades
Annual Community Forum, Fall Health and Resource Fair, District 6 Health Walk and Fair