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Our Dearest School Community,
P.S.192 is like a puzzle, with each piece representing a 
different aspect of the school's community. The teachers are 
the edges of the puzzle, providing structure and support, 
while the students are the colorful pieces that fill in the 
However, no puzzle can be completed without the support 
and involvement of the school community. The parents and 
families are the corners of the puzzle, providing stability and 
guidance, while the staff and volunteers are the connecting 
pieces that bring everything together. 
As each piece is carefully placed, the puzzle slowly begins to 
take shape, revealing a beautiful and complete picture. 
Similarly, when all members of the P.S. 192 community work 
together towards a common goal, the students are able to 
receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for a 
successful future. 
In the end, the puzzle is not just a finished product, but a 
testament to the collaborative efforts of all those involved. 
Likewise, a thriving P.S. 192 is not just the result of the hard 
work of teachers and students, but a reflection of the strength 
and commitment of the entire school community. 
By working together and supporting one another, we can 
ensure that every piece of the puzzle is in its proper place, 
creating a complete and successful school that prepares 
students for lifelong learning and success. 
Hilduara Abreu
Principal, P.S. 192