Male Figure Take the Child to School Day

A child's father is one of the most influential people in his or her life. Fathers who take an active role in raising their children boost not only their children's well-being but also boost their sense of worth and competence. Having a father present at their child's school is a great way to strengthen their relationship with their child. It sends a message that their child is loved, cared for, and supported by one of the most influential persons in their life.


Fathers who are interested in their children's life and education have positively affected their offspring in several research studies. New research suggests that kids with involved father figures are more likely to:


  • Excel in the classroom, possess superior verbal and intellectual abilities, and have higher IQ's. According to research, children whose biological fathers were actively involved in their lives were "43% more likely to earn mostly A's, and 33% less likely to repeat a grade" than their peers whose biological fathers were not actively involved.
  • Be more patient and better able to deal with the frustrations and stresses of school.
  • To have a strong sense of self-worth and emotional stability.
  • Less likely to have difficulties with the law, parents, teachers, and peers.
  • Become more socially adept with age and improve their ability to interact with others.