How to live easily?

Learn to simplify
Probably, every person has experienced a feeling of complete hopelessness, a state of despair, depression, and meaninglessness of their existence at least once in their life. In such moments, usually, the hands drop by themselves, nothing wants to be done, and nowhere wants to be gone.
Familiar? These thoughts visit each of us at certain moments in life. And the question arises: what to do about it? How to get out of this state safely? With ease!
1. There is nothing harder than becoming lighter.
Have you ever met people who easily handle their problems, are cheerful, energetic and full of joy? You probably thought that ease is an innate quality of their character, and that it is impossible to intentionally become the same way. But in fact, being happy also requires practice. The ability to be happy requires training. It is a conscious choice of a person. It is not easy, but it is possible. It consists of acquiring the ease of being, the ability to detach oneself from problems.
"How to do this?" you ask. "Look for reasons for joy in everything - in breathing, living, moving, contemplating the phenomena of nature," said the wise Dalai Lama. He also said, "If a problem can be solved, there is no use worrying about it. If it can't be solved, worrying about it is meaningless."
Release your problem, trust life, and then your problem will be resolved in the best way possible for you.
2. Don't worry, be happy!
"Don't Worry, Be Happy," as sung in a famous song. Approach life with simplicity and ease, cultivating a sense of humor in yourself, as humor is our shield against all the troubles, as it allows us not to take them too seriously. Your head is not a trash can to be filled with every piece of garbage: insults, anxieties, fears, and expectations. By filling your head with "garbage," wasting energy on pointless worries, you hinder favorable changes in your life. Do not hold onto "garbage," free yourself from it as soon as possible, and do not be afraid of change. They always lead to something better!
3. Life in the light style.
This means having a light approach to life. It involves lightening the mental load, letting go of unnecessary problems and worries. Life in a light style involves enjoying various pleasures, joys, and delights... happy smiles on the faces of passersby, colorful shop windows, evening walks through the city.
This is a life that resembles an ironic movie. We all need to become crazy, happy, and free, living for our own pleasure, even if just for a little while. Learn to take life lightly, watch more good comedies, read books filled with humor. Laugh in the face of failures, and they simply won't be able to scare you anymore.
4. Breathe deeper!
Relax. Calm down. You're not racing against yourself with a judge counting every second at the finish line. You are not a marathon runner or a participant in sports competition, and you have every right to rest. Otherwise, you definitely won't make it to the finish line. Find a soothing melody for yourself and merge with the music, dissolve into it. Listen to your breathing, level it out, feel how waves of warmth and calm spread throughout your body. Learn to relax and imagine that you are already in the desired future. What is it like? And what emotions do you feel at that moment? Merge with yourself, successful.
5. Treat yourself to a celebration!
Our existence in this fleeting world is temporary, and we all know it. We set goals for ourselves and strive towards something, often living our days in a hurry and forgetting to look up at the beautiful sky above us and the diverse people all around us. Life itself is an endless miracle that we should never cease to marvel at.
"Although life is not tied up with a bow, it is still a gift" (Regina Brett). Therefore, celebrate your presence in this world! Celebrate your victories! Remember all the pleasant things that have happened to you, all your successes and achievements, and you will understand that you have something to be thankful for in life.
6. Don't demand the impossible!
Give up criticism, reproaches, and meaningless expectations. Accept life as it is. It is multi-faceted, and the people in it are different. They don't owe you anything and aren't obligated to be the way you want them to be. Approach life with simplicity. Learn to do this, and it will truly become easier, more enjoyable, and happier.
Be happy in the present! The present is the only thing you have. The past is in the past, and the future has not yet come. Every moment of your life is unique, invaluable, and one of a kind. Enjoy it!