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My Story

A little bit about my background: My ethnic background is Greek-Cypriot from the island of Cyprus, which is located in Europe in the Mediterranean Sea. My family immigrated to the United States after the war in 1974. I was born in New York, and at the age of 7 I moved to Cyprus with my family. I lived in Cyprus for 12 wonderful years. I have been living in New York since 2010, and it has been a wonderful 13 years ever since. As a bilingual and dual citizen, I feel that everyone has their story and that we all come from different backgrounds but ultimately, we have so many similarities with each other which is something very special. 
As a new Physical Education Teacher, it is my mission to create a culture and environment where every child feels welcomed and included during our physical education lessons. I truly believe that what we learn inside the gymnasium during our PE class, are values and lessons that not only apply to physical activity and sports, but rather are values and lessons that may be applied in our every day life. I am so excited to embark on this new school year and create this culture of acceptance and inclusivity in order to promote a sense of safety and togetherness and a place where we may learn about skill development and apply them to fitness and sports. 
My hobbies & leisure time: As someone who has always felt connected with his family, I enjoy spending my leisure time with my loved ones and creating wonderful memories every chance we get. I am a big soccer fan since a child, and my favorite team that I enjoy watching on the weekend is Manchester United. I enjoy going on hikes and taking walks in the park every chance I get.
I am looking forward to meeting all my students and parents this academic school year.