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Angela Rijo is an integral part of the community at our school. She has devoted more than two decades to supporting students and parents in reaching their greatest potential. Her obligations are enormous, but she approaches each day of the year with passion and love.
A parent coordinator is a key member of a school community who works to facilitate communication and collaboration between parents, teachers, and school administrators.
They serve as a liaison between the home and the school, and often work to promote parent involvement in their children's education.
There are numerous ways in which a parent coordinator can be beneficial to a school. One of the primary roles of a parent coordinator is to improve communication between parents and teachers. This can be achieved through regular newsletters, email updates, and social media platforms, as well as through in-person meetings and events. By providing parents with regular updates about their child's progress and the activities happening in the school, a parent coordinator can help to foster a sense of involvement and engagement in their child's education.
In addition to improving communication, a parent coordinator can also work to build a sense of community within the school. This can be done through the organization of events and activities that bring parents, teachers, and students together. These might include parent-teacher conferences, open houses, and other opportunities for parents to learn about their child's education and to get to know other families in the school community. By creating these types of opportunities, a parent coordinator can help to foster a sense of belonging and connection within the school.
Another important role of a parent coordinator is to provide support and resources to families in need. This might include connecting families with community resources or providing assistance with transportation or childcare. A parent coordinator may also be able to advocate for families who are facing challenges or who have special needs, by working with teachers and school administrators to identify solutions and provide the necessary support.
Overall, the importance of a parent coordinator in a school cannot be overstated. They play a vital role in improving communication, building community, and providing support to families. By fostering a positive and supportive school environment, a parent coordinator can help to ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed academically and socially. As such, it is essential that schools prioritize the hiring and support of parent coordinators, as they are an invaluable resource for the entire school community.
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Ms. Angela Rijo
Parent Coordinator
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