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Here are many of the primary reasons we work so hard to keep you informed:
Keeping Parents Informed Through Open Lines of Communication

This is the very minimum of school communication, but it's also critically vital. Parents want to know what's going on at their child's school because it's important for them to be involved in their child's education. In addition to the typical times of year when schools and parents interact, such as parent-teacher conferences and other school events, schools should maintain open communication with parents at all times.
Schools and parents must collaborate on student success

No longer can parents and educators function on two different levels; rather, they must collaborate on raising successful students. Schools need to improve their communication strategies to strike a balance between keeping parents informed and inundating them with communications.
A better school community

The sense of community and belonging in a school is stronger when parents are actively involved. Volunteering and participation in school events is a clear sign that parents want to see their child's education, and the education of other kids, succeed.
Parental curiosity about their child's progress

And this last factor is crucial and should not be overlooked. Using school communication and parent engagement tools, parents are able to stay abreast of all the happenings on campus and access any relevant information whenever it's most convenient for them.